Business hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses for the floral industry. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, floral sales plummeted as consumers started cutting out luxury purchases and grocery stores began making more space for essential goods.

Floral businesses nationwide found themselves dumping bouquets. As a company that lives for smiles, gems used the unclaimed bouquets to spread positivity when needed the most. By partnering with the Goodwill Industries of South Florida, gems chose to make a difference and donated over seven thousand bouquets, which would have otherwise been thrown away. Store employees handed bouquets to customers upon checkout as a way to brighten their day.

Every flower must grow through dirty to bloom. Although we hit a small bump in the road, gems is glad to have made a positive impact and found personal growth.

See the video here.

Reviewed: JR 10/7

Is this correct? Or did Goodwill profit off the bouquets? I ask because when I scheduled some of these donations, stores gave them away to customers.