COVID-19 has made life a little lonely. What better way to give someone a hug or smile than with flowers? During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been drawn to flowers more than ever before. Isolation and uncertainties about the future can be a depressing experience, and flowers can help provide a sliver of joy and improve a person’s mood.

Happiness blooms from flowers, so Gems, through our Great Lakes Living bouquet program, available exclusively at Meijer supermarket, got together to support the “Hugs and Smiles Bouquet” consumer promotion campaign. The Great Lakes Floral Association and the Michigan Association of Broadcasters put together this great opportunity to develop a radio and T.V. promotion designed to get consumers to connect through flowers during these unprecedented times. The campaign was made up of 7,500 thirty-second radio and television spots that ran on MAB stations throughout Michigan from July 27 to September 30.

By offering “Hugs and Smiles Bouquets” at Meijer supermarkets, gems and Great Lakes Living is showing people that there is no better way to give someone a hug or smile than with flowers.