Anyone hear school bells ringing?  We do!  As summer draws to a close and the sound of school bells draws near, we saw it fitting to give back to the teachers that shape us; By making teachers smile, we believe that they will feel appreciated and ready to start off the school year right. As gems continues to work towards our goal to make 1 million people smile, we kicked off the school year by serving up some back-to-school smiles!

🚧 Caution: This Video May Cause Smiles!

The Game Plan for Making Teachers Smile

On August 12th, gems was able to meet with the teachers and faculty members at Miami’s MAST Academy High School. Even though school had just started for students, the faculty members had already been working hard for months; before the first day of school, preparing for the incoming students. We know they deserved a BIG SMILE after all they put into making our kiddos’ year the best. The gemsters had to go show them a little love and appreciation.

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As usual, we brought smiles in the form of flowery gifts, and they seemed stoked! We even got to take some pictures with a few of the members of the school; Taken as they prepared for one last meeting before the official start of classes. I think we can honestly say that the mission was a success! After making teachers smile, seeing those smiles is all the proof we need!

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Some Take-Aways:

Even though our 1 million smiles goal seems to get closer each day, we still have a ways to go! Days like this have shown us that even a few smiles here and there are enough to make days brighter.  With that mentality, the goal seems that much closer.

We hope to run into you one day and give you a reason to smile, too!  Stay tuned for more!