Who needs a smile today? Thegemsgroup is on the prowl for smiles, and we will not rest until we see everyone’s frown turn upside down. During these challenging times, we are finding more and more people who need a quick pick me up; Our job, our duty rather, is to ensure that we give people a reason to feel good and appreciated. That is why we started our 1 Million Smiles campaign, where our sole purpose is to hand out fresh smiles in the form of fresh (FREE) flowers. With our goal in our sights, we are well on the way to reaching 1 million smiles.

            Our most recent event, in Miami’s Morningside Park, was one of the most successful yet. Kicking off our event on a Saturday at 11 am, we thought we would have a few hours to work with. However, after only 30-40 minutes, we found ourselves overwhelmed with joy; everyone loved the flowers they received, with many saying how these bouquets made their day/week. This is exactly what we want to see while reaching 1 Million Smiles. A smile for you is a smile for us, and this event left us with an ear-to-ear grin.

Keep a look out for our next event, maybe we can give you a reason to smile too. Until the next time everyone!