Who doesn’t like a good show? This week, the gems crew took Lucy and several beautifully arranged flowers to the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA). IFPA is an organization dedicated to the floral industry and anything they showcase. The shows are usually chalked full of innovative ideas and progressive changes in the floral industry. Therefore, we were fortunate enough to showcase our ideas at the event, and what a show it was! In addition, many of the gems crew went to the event and had the opportunity to share their flowers, thoughts, laughs, etc. with others who share an appreciation for floral design. It’s time for a gemsgroup showcase like no other.

With the help of Loreyna and Bill, we set up a showcase like no other; Complete with scale model designs, small bouquet prototypes, a lavishly floral swing set, a dining table, and living room space to showcase interior floral designs. However, Lucy was the star of the show! Loaded up with several arrangements, Lucy takes center stage, even offering visitors a seat in her comfy seats. Near the end, Lucy provided the perfect example of how we all felt as the show neared the end, smiling at the thought of making someone’s day. In conclusion, taking place within the span of 4 days, we’re happy with how everything turned out. 🙂

Read more about what The Produce Report had to say about #GPFS22 here: IFPA Show 🙂

With this show well in the wraps, I think we can say it was a gemsgroup showcase like no other. Well, onto the next one! Lucy, lead the way!! 🙂