Looking for a retreat difficult to beat? It’s that time of year again folks! The gems crew is coming together again for our annual company retreat! We believe this is a great way to end the year and spearhead our plans for the following year. We have several team-building activities that always leave us laughing and having a great time, keeping us super excited. Since our gems family in Columbia gets to join us in the celebration, it’s a time to get to know them and grow a deeper bond.

Every year we plan activities that we keep a surprise, and this upcoming retreat is no different. We plan to change this up this year, but what can it be? Unfortunately, we cannot say a word, otherwise, that’ll ruin the surprise aspect, but we can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be chalked full of fun. Some ideas from previous years will come back, while others have never been done. With the overall goal of team building, or as we like to call it, fam-collabs.Without diving any deeper into the plans we have, what we can promise is that this will be a retreat difficult to beat. We are so excited for everyone to be together soon, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2023

Feel free to follow in on the action on our Facebook/Instagram Pages! We will keep everyone updated on our retreat activities, including any gems crew shenanigans’ along the way. Let’s make this retreat difficult to beat!