Millions of women around the world have been robbed of opportunities. Through no fault of their own, they have been historically disadvantaged when it comes to work and education. Family obligations often make it much more difficult for women to find work than it is for men. We must therefore find ways of empowering women. 

When women are employed, they tend to work in lower quality jobs in vulnerable conditions. Not to mention, there is usually little room for improvement. Women tend to experience more daily stress associated with socioeconomic disadvantages, compared to men. This includes poorly paying jobs, economic hardship, and low household income. This all contributes to poor health, as a result. This needs to change. When women work, economies grow.  

The very first step in making a difference is acknowledging gender disparity. From January through March, Extending Smiles by debililly design™ is partnering with Dress for Success. By working together, they can enable women globally to achieve economic independence. For every Extending Smiles bouquet purchased, 75 cents are donated to provide professional attire for low-income women. This will help to support their job-search and interview process. 

Dress for Success is more than just a new outfit. It’s about confidence and enabling women to break their cycle of poverty. When women are provided with a network of support and development tools, they can better thrive in their personal and professional lives. Through your donation, you can help provide the ticket to a better life. 

Equality is attainable as long as we stand together. Empowering women can naturally help empower you. Be the change you want to see in the world, one Extending Smiles bouquet at a time.  

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