Sometimes you just need a good kick to help you get up and ready to take on the day! It comes more naturally for some, but thankfully at gems, we have a secret weapon against sleepiness.

Some of our team members at gems’ home campus have mastered the sacred art of this special elixir that keeps us going so strong. Without their crafty work, many of us would find it difficult to make it to the end of the workday. We’re talking about Cuban coffee shots, aka “Colada” or “Cafecito” (ka-fay-see-toe), and today we are going to show you have to make the perfect cafecito shot for any occasion.

How to make the perfect cafecito shot:

Why we love cafecito so much:

The “colada” is perhaps the most unique version of Cuban coffee for its traditional, social aspect. It consists of multiple shots of espresso and usually comes in a styrofoam cup with smaller, glasses to be traditionally shared among your friends and family. Here, however, it’s less likely to be shared. It just serves as a bigger pick-me-up for the caffeine inclined.

Our home campus is in Miami, FL, where café Cubano is heavily relied on for completing full and busy days. Cafecito has been perfected over the ages, and it is a fan-favorite among the gems crew, as well as the average Miami 9am – 5pm worker. It is also a great drink for social gatherings; The average Miamian can make enough cafecito to fit in a small cup that is then shared with multiple people. New relationships have come as a result of a shared colada.

At gems, cafecito is made a couple of times a day, usually early in the morning. Later in the afternoons to get through the remaining hours of the workday. If you’re ever in Miami, we welcome you to stop by for a shot!