Knock, knock! Who’s at the door? It’s Lizzo, with a game-changing new take on grocery shopping, extra emphasis on “game-changing”.  Instacart has recently partnered up with award-winning artist, Lizzo, on their latest ad. The commercial shares how much Instacart users can take advantage of the platform from the comfort of their homes. In Lizzo’s case, from the comfort of her fancy tub! In the words of Lizzo, curbside/delivery options make us feel “Good as Hell! Let’s in to see what Lizzo treats herself to in her latest Instacart ad.


Let’s break it down  

          This commercial begins with Lizzo having a self-care day in her bathtub scrolling through Instacart on her phone. She is relaxing when she starts to wonder what she will order. As she adds cherries to her cart, they instantly begin to rain down and cherry blossoms bloom right in her bathroom. She looks pleasantly surprised and proceeds to order cherry ice cream. Suddenly, the doors of her dresser swing open and a giant spoonful of pink cherry ice cream with cherry syrup shoots out and is right in her face as she looks at it with fascination.

Lizzo treats herself to more items. starts to explore what else she could do and adds sprinkles! Yes, you heard right, sprinkles! Colorful sprinkles start to rain down in her bathroom, and she is in heaven all by ordering from the comfort of her tub. Lizzo transports to a French bakery in Paris as she adds a baguette to her cart. Still, in her tub, a French m man rides by on his bike and greets her with a “Bonjour,” She replied, “la Baby.”


The Immersion

In the next scene is a colorful firework explosion of bath bombs. Lizzo then finds herself in what looks like a desert storm of Taqui dust when she adds this spicy snack to her cart. The storm settles, and you see Lizzo’s tub is now filled with different sports balls and all you can see is her eyes. The floor then flips to the ceiling and the balls all tumble out as she orders some school glue. The room is now filled with thousands of fun neon signs after she expresses her need for a charger! She says she can never find hers…. we TOTALLY get it!


The next part is obviously our favorite part! Lizzo’s eyes light up saying “I got to buy flowers for ‘mommy’” and clicks a bouquet on her Instacart app. The room fills with flowers and her hair is adorned with roses! For her last trick, she orders “a little something” for her. You now see Lizzo enjoying a tray of desserts from her tub as the camera pans away; We enjoy seeing her bathroom filled with what seems like a Maria Antionette-style party.

You see beautifully dressed people fanning themselves, even a dalmatian. Then later appear floating sunglasses, a balloon arch, floating umbrellas, dancers, bubbles, and an acrobatic artist. This continues with football players, a shrub artist cutting a giant rabbit, giant chandeliers, and human-sized Taqui chips leaning on the wall. The ad ends with the message “The World is your Cart” while her new song “The Sign” plays in the background.


The Goal

Using recent curbside pick-up and delivery options on Instacart, grocery shopping is made less monotone; With just a push of a button, you too can have a PARTY of your shopping experience, just like Lizzo! We believe self-care is always important to include in a busy schedule. When your items come right to you, you can begin to save more time in the day for yourself.  Lizzo shows us that not only is curbside/delivery a great time-saver, but can also help us treat ourselves. In the video, Lizzo treats herself and orders many items to turn her bathroom into her very own spa day. How will you treat yourself this week?